Washing Instructions and Tips

General Fabric Care:


There are some simple rules to follow when washing your Endura garments, to ensure a long life for the garment and that they are cleaned effectively without damaging their technical properties.

  1. After use, do not leave the garment rolled up in a wet state, as this will encourage bacteria and mold growth, and/or color migration.
  2. Always follow the washing instructions on the garment label, if these cannot be found, then you can contact support@endurasport.com
  3. All garments that can be machine washed should be washed at 30 degrees. For full wash care instructions please refer to the care label.
  4. Always wash dark colors separately.
  5. Do not use fabric conditioner as this will damage the adhesion of seam tapes on waterproof fabrics and can also damage DWR (Durable Water Repellency) coatings.
  6. Do not tumble dry. Instead, drip dry naturally but avoid drying in direct strong sunlight.
  7. Do not dry clean.

To reactivate the DWR (Durable Water Repellency) on waterproof garments, use a cool iron setting, if that is permitted on the care label.  Garments can also be reproofed using our waterproofing products Apparel Re-Proofer and Apparel Cleaner & Re-Proofer. Always follow the application instructions. The garment should be clean and dry before starting this process.  Be sure to avoid areas that are not made of fabric (eg. buttons and zippers) and stand well back to avoid inhaling chemicals.  Also be aware that these products may be flammable.


The effectiveness of a Durable Water Repellency (DWR) on a fabric surface will reduce gradually over time due to washing and regular wear.
All latest Endura products employ an environmentally friendly DWR finish which shows love for both your cherished kit and the environment. In order to ensure that the fabric works most best repelling water through the full lifetime of the product some simple steps can be taken;

Reactive your DWR after wash We recommend that you gently and indirectly iron the waterproof garment after every wash. The dry iron should be set to 2 dots maximum on a non-steam setting and a dry tea towel sheet, or pillowcase placed between the iron and the jacket. The heat from the iron will reactivate the DWR.

Reproof your garment to reinstate the DWR
After some time you may need to reproof the waterproof garment. This should not be done after every wash but only when you notice that the water is not beading off the fabric as effectively as it should. Endura has its own range of reproofers which you can chose from. See Apparel Re-Proofer and Apparel Cleaner & Re-Proofer for more details.

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